I started feeling real again when you started crossing my mind a lot more than what’s been usual. I’m not sure which came first, or if it was a coincidence. But you will never know how much of a hero you are for staying. To this day, I’m still at a loss of words for the things you’ve been through and done just to keep in my life. And, not to mention, what you’ve said to help me to where I now am.

I’ve never been at a happier place in my life than I have since I met you. And I hope you realize that one day and tell me. You’ve brought me an unbelievable amount of wisdom and trust. And God, am I ever eternally grateful for the times you say I’m still beautiful. I do hope that one day, I become for you the angel that you eventually became for me. I love you, now and always.

We spoke over iced tea and a picnic bench. Sharp bits of yellow chipped off. Made it seem dangerous. It’s hard to know beauty when it’s dark.
He told me a few of his stories. I spoke to him of his books, and he claimed to have almost dropped a tear. “Those were beautiful words.”

I actually don’t receive comments such as those very often. So, beautiful I will let them be. For now.

Truth begins from these things, I’ve always told myself. Truth begins from these things. Not a single tear more.